The Journal of DaeDong Philosophical Association(DDPA) aims at fostering scholarly exchange at home and abroad on philosophical problems among philosophy researchers, and tends to serve the up-to-date study trends and results in their specific disciplines. With these exchanges and updates, it advances against development of philosophical circles in Korea and also Korean philosophy tries to move on to the globalized society of philosophy. The journal invites a variety of essays which deal with theoretical and practical topics and review on recent books and articles, including all philosophical disciplines, let alone period, country and figure. It welcomes the publication which is considered worth making international because of today’s globalization fashion, which can mean allusion to an attraction for a man of philosophy as a reader. Although it is published quarterly after triple-blind review in Korean, in principle manuscripts written in English, German, French, Chinese, or Japanese are accepted.

The DAEDONG CHULHAK is indexed in Korea Citation Index by National Research Foundation of Korea.

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